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5 Bars per box

100% Organic Meal Replacement Bar

TrimBar is a 100% organic meal replacement bar, blended with 17 grams of organic plant protein from antioxidant rich Sacha Inchi, Pumpkin Seeds, and Peas, that your body can absorb and utilize quickly.

TrimBar has just 14 grams of net carbs, along with 14 grams of organic fiber and prebiotics, which really helps to support proper digestion.

TrimBar has the right combination of good fats like organic sunflower seeds and organic almonds, that encourage weight loss.

TrimBar also contains a proprietary blend of super-active Prebiotics which encourage the development of Probiotics in your digestive tract helping you with better colon health.


Customer Reviews


Susan, AE, US

These are the best! I love them so much!

Tim, CO, US

Amazing! I have eaten thousands of protein bars but none of them compare to this new product. This is a step above! Nothing comes close. The taste is great and the ingredients are even better!

Stephen , CA, US

Double Chocolate bar is excellent. I had one for breakfast at 6:30am yesterday and was not even hungry until noon. They are very filling and have already helped me to lose some weight.

Kasey, CO, US

Being vegan can be hard. These bars make it fantastically EASY! I am full for hours after just eating HALF a bar. The ingredients are food. Not fillers. So good, I have to hide them from my family!

Jennifer, CA, US

Was very excited to try the bars and very impressed with the taste and how full they keep me. Great product!